The WHY behind the Application ...

We have all new potential clients first fill out an application and it's for a few reasons actually. We do not use a salon receptionist to book your new appointment because we like to give our clients a more individualized experience with their Hair Artist that starts before your appointment is even made. We kind of do things a little differently here at Branch, but it's all to give you a very tailored experience. You'll see ...

The process:

1. Click the link for either the NBR™ Extension application OR the New Client application if you are not interested in receiving extensions.

2. Once submitted, a Branch Hair Artist will be in touch, via text, within 48 hours to collect current front, side, back hair pics AND 2-3 inspiration pics. (Get those Pinterest pics out ladies!)

3. Your Hair Artist will then schedule a 15 min phone consultation to go over your application, current hair pics, and your desired look. If wanting to book, a few appointments will be offered for the service that is best to achieve your desired result.

4. You Hair Artist will collect a NON-REFUNDABLE retainer that goes towards your completed hair appointment to schedule an appointment. No appointments will be added into the book until the retainer is collected.


Ready to Book?

Click link below to fill out one of our applications!