• color services

    the base babe!
    Need those gray's to be gone? The Base Babe has you covered! Applied by either a Hair Artist or an Apprentice. 

    the pop!
    Wanting a little POP of brightness/lightness around your face, THE POP is just for YOU! Created with 10 foils or less, this service is a great little add on to spruce up your base color or to add just a little extra goodness to your existing color.

    dimensional highlights
    Wanting to add more highlights/lowlights to refresh what you already have? Try out our OOOH LA LA highlighting service to spruce up what you already have without changing the current design.

    custom color design
    This service is for anyone who wants a total transformation of their existing color and or someone who has not had their hair highlighted in 6+ months. This is a totally new color design for your hair and multiple techniques will be used to achieve this transformation.

    add ons

    Gloss Refresh $40
    Base Melt Gloss $50
    Bond Builder $20
    Milbon Treatment $50
    Apprentice Blow-dry $20
    Artist Blowout $40


    haircut design



  • hair extensions

    nbr hair extensions

    Do you want longer, fuller, multi dimensional hair like the pictures that grace the pages of Pinterest and run the catwalk of Victoria Secret super models? 


    Our hair is considered to be the best accessory a woman has. And if you are anything like the millions of woman who are unhappy with their hair due to their fine texture, inability to grow their hair past a certain length, hair that consists of fine/thin ends, experiencing postpartum hair loss, a recent cut regret, and/or just wanting fuller, thicker hair. Almost every single woman in the world can experience these hair issues at some point in their lives and I am sure you are one of them.

  • straightening

    keratin treatment

    A Keratin Treatment is one that leaves the hair with less frizz, slightly reduced curl, and a faster blow dry time. This services does not alter the hair's bonds, but is a treatment that coats the hair's cuticle. This service takes roughly 2 hours and you will need to go 72 hours without washing for this service to have it's fullest effect and result. 

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