We wanted to take a moment and let you know how we are preparing for a successful reopening through this time. It has been a hard time for many and we cannot wait to get back to helping you feel amazing. We ask that you read through our new procedures and sign below each section. By signing, you are stating that you are willing and will do your best to follow the guidelines we have set forth in order to keep our clients, employees, and people safe. 


Overall Guidelines: 


Every client / employee will be required to wear a mask, which will be provided or you can provide your own.

Please arrive solo to your appointment as we will not be able to allow more people into the salon, other than our clients. 


Temperature checks:

We are asking all of our clients to take their temperatures 3 days prior to their appointment. Also, before entering the salon we will be taking temperatures. If you have a high temperature or fever, or had one during the past 3 days, we will not be able to continue your service at that time and it will need to be rescheduled. 


All of our employees will be temperature checked before work. 


Our stylists / employees will all be taking great precaution in handling you, their work stations, disinfecting and sanitizing thoroughly during this time. 


We will not be providing food or drink at this time.

We have purchased required cleaning and sanitizing products from our distributors, recommended by our PA State Board.

Upon Arrival:

Please stay in your car, text your stylist and they will give you a call when they are ready for you. 


Once you enter, to the left you will find a table that is meant for your safety and sanitation. On this table you will find our PPE Gear and hand sanitizer that is accessible to you. We ask that you sanitize your hands prior to sitting in our chairs.

During your service: 

You will find stylist chairs 6+ feet apart. 


Each stylist will have their own set of products to use during an appointment so there is not moment to and from other areas. 


Each stylist has a designated extension and color cart that only they will use + sanitize/ disinfect. 


Shampoo Bowls: Only the outer two shampoo bowls will be used in order to keep with socially distancing guidelines.


Stylist will be leaving 15 minute gaps in between each client in order to sanitize and disinfect the area / tools / surfaces of anything that was used during the appointment. We appreciate your patience in this area especially.

Checkout / Rebooking: 

We are committed to making everything touch free. 


Checkout: We will be able to provide you with an online invoice that you will be able to pay before you leave the salon. ( yes you are able to tip through this invoice or you are welcome to leave cash or venmo your stylist ).  *This online pay will be required, unless paying cash to avoid touching too much equipment. 

We encourage you to rebook your next appointment as we can no longer book the volume of people we used to. Make sure you pre-book 1 - 2 appointments ahead in order to get the date/ time you want.

We THANK YOU for your continued support throughout this hard time! Wishing you all stay safe and healthy, 



Nicole + Branch Salon Team

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