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10 Reasons Why You Need Yumé Extension Haircare™ !

I think it's safe to say that every single haircare line out there provides a dedicated solution for almost EVERY hair problem known to man, BUT by my surprise, FAILS to deliver us hair extension girlies the proper at home haircare.

Hair extension hair IS different than our natural hair. Yes, you may have purchased "Remy Human Extension Hair", but what that goes through during it's processing stages is ALOT more than what we do to our own natural hair.

Also, heavily pepper in the fact that extension hair DOES NOT receive nutrients and vitamins that our natural hair obtains through the hair follicle with our body's blood supply.

So, lets enter the chat on WHY I was so hell bent on creating a haircare line EXCLUSIVELY for hair extensions! About 80% of my business makes up for hair extension services and I felt I wasn't doing my job fully by "cherry picking" what was best from several haircare lines.

So, let's get to it. The TOP 10 reason why you need Yumé Haircare™ if you wear extensions!

  1. ALL the cleansers contain ProVitamin B5. This super vitamin allows the hair's cuticle to actually absorb this ingredient to the inside of the hair.

  2. There are 2 different "detox" scalp cleansers. Why? We all know most hair extension wearers wash their hair usually 2-3 times per week. If a scalp detoxifying cleaner is not used on the scalp, this can lead to MAJOR oil, dirt buildup. Did you know excessive buildup can cause your hair to fall out? This can occur because the follicle is blocked and starving of the blood supply it needs to stay alive. The hair bulb can die and then release itself from the hair follicle! Yumé Haircare™ offers TWO different detoxifying cleansers; Balance Cleanse and Exfoliating Cleanse. Both are color safe and deeply clean the scalp.

  3. Most, if not all, haircare lines aid in some type of hair problem. But, extension hair doesn't have "problems" per-say. It doesn't need a volumizing shampoo, it doesn't need frizz control, and it most certainly doesn't need protein for damage. Using these kinds of products can break down the extension hair faster and dry it out. With Yumé Haircare™, our line of cleansers and nourishing products do DEEP inside the hair's cuticle to add tons of vitamins and nutrients.

  4. Our Cashmere Cleanse and Cashmere Nourish are the MECCA of haircare when it comes to the care and health of hair extensions. Both of these products contain ingredients for opulent, moisture rich locks!

  5. Wear extensions means you do not have to wash your hair everyday, but Yumé Haircare™ has a little secret ninja product called, Dry Nourish. It is used on DRY hair and re-dampens the hair to restyle/blow-dry. The scent is super light, fresh, airy. It reconditions the hair for softness and added moisture to eliminate dryness. The STAR product should be in EVERY extension client's bathroom!

  6. Yumé Haircare™ contains 12 botanical extracts, natural ingredients sourced from nature, ProVitamin B5, Vitamins A,B,C,D and E for strength and hair growth.

  7. For extra deep nourishing, Yumé carries two Drench products. Oil Drench is for client's who have thicker, fuller hair and is chronically dry. Lush Drench adds a little extra for damaged hair and helps hair with regrowth. Both of these can be used in replacement of a normal Nourish product or used 1-2 times per week for extra nourishment.

  8. Having extensions as we all know is an investment. Both in time and financially. Therefore, client's who wear extensions should be using dedicated products for hair extensions. Using Yumé Haircare™ helps the hair stay it's optimal condition, stays moisturized, strong, and clean.

  9. All of our products are color safe, vegan, cruelty safe, paraban and sulfate free. You can use Yumé Haircare™ with ease knowing you have the BEST ingredients going on your hair and have zero guilt knowing how these products are made.

  10. Yumé Haircare™ was created by a hair extension artist herself. She hand selected products that would make the best combinations to provide a complete exclusive extension haircare line for the beauty industry, finally.

To learn more about Yumé Haircare™ or to purchase products, visit


Nicole Lynne


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