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5 Important Reasons You Need Continued Extension Education!

You know when you first learn something, a little ember gets lit with you? You get that "refresh" feeling. You are dedicated, devoted, committed. You are "all in" to becoming the best at whatever it is that you are learning.

Most extension artists take a 2 day class to learn the next "trend" and to keep up with what's new. I think that is fantastic and something we as a collective need to be doing. But, when learning a new intricate skill like beaded row extensions, 2 days just doesn't cut it. This is when the industry gets watered down with quantity over quality and certain techniques/skills start to take on a bad reputation.

Then, the honeymoon wears off. You get comfortable, complacent. You are staying in the "status quo". You are no longer being challenged. The fire is still there, which is keeping you warm, but not hot with passion like it once was before. You are slowly "burning out" You may start to wonder if you are "lost" because boredom has taken over.

We welcome you into the room and to start the chat of continued education for hair extensions. Overall, there are some extension method certification classes that DO offer extended education platforms for this education, but most do not.

The problem with a 2 day certification class is that there is little to zero time to REALLY do a deep dive into the technical side of BLENDING the extensions into the client's natural hair. When this extremely important skillset is not taught, really bad extensions are produced. And, let's face it, embarrassing hair occurs for the client and that is NOT something a client who spends $1000+ should be experiencing!

So, here 5 reasons why you need continued extension education if you are an extension artist! After reading, there will be a link to sign up for one of my Branch Academy of Extensions classes.

  1. You have taken a 2 day beaded row extension method certification class, but are still lost with how it all works and you are not seeing the end results you would like. This is causing discouragement in your work and your confidence with offering this service.

  2. You are overwhelmed when it comes to coloring the extension hair and have no idea where to start, what formulas to use, and/or the techniques on even how to color, lowlight, or add dimension into the extension hair.

  3. You are taking longer than 3-4 hours for an enhancement session or retightening session.

  4. You are not getting enough new clients per month as you would like.

  5. You are struggling with how to book, maintaining work/life balance, and feeling burnt out by offering extensions because you are not seeing the return of your investment with the certification class you invested in.

If any of these sounds like you, you NEED to enroll in one of my classes as soon as possible! Not only are my classes JAM PACKED to the very last minute, but they are an overall well rounded approach to not only offering this service, but how to maintain success when doing so. My classes demonstrate from start to finish how a session should flow, formulations, foiling techniques, blending cutting techniques, how to book properly for maximum profit, how to budget, and also self improvement discussions based on self sabotaging and confidence behind the chair.

Classes are forming now, enroll for this incredible opportunity to shatter the ceiling and take your career and personal growth to a whole new level.

Are you ready to be one of the ten ELITE students in my class? Click the link to apply to one of my classes.

Can't wait to see you there!

Nicole Lynne





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