A Guide On How To Create An Incredible Shampoo Experince For Your Salon Clients

Hello there!

Before we all got into the beauty industry, we were clients at one time or another, right? And what did we ALWAYS look forward to JUST like our salon clients?

T H E S H A M P O O !

Clients, and heck even ourselves, always look forward to this part of the salon service.

But what happens when your shampoo experience comes up short? Or it is inconsistent? Or you end up with an assistant or stylist who has the hands of a wet noodle and you're thinking in your head "OH NO!!!!" --> insert disappointment all around.

How can you avoid the "Shampoo Shame", you need to get into a regime, a procedure, a system in place for ALL in the salon. Yes, this even going to owners, managers, lead stylists, junior stylists, and assistants. EVERYONE needs to be on the same page!

The first and most important step to starting a shampoo procedure is to BECOME the client. Put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself ...

1. How do I want to feel?

2. What do I want to smell?

3. What makes me relax?

4. What do I want to hear?

5. How long does it take me feel relaxed?

All of these questions will help guide you into creating a shampoo system and one that is relaxing, consistent, and will be having your clients in la la land!

Ok, let's discuss how you want to feel, relaxed of course. But, it's got to be MORE than just relaxed to take a client's shampoo experience to another level. You got to get them to a place where they could fall asleep! How?

--> It's a combination of music, the VOLUME of that music, the smell, the water temp, the head massage(this should be done during the shampoo and last 5-10 mins, nothing less than that), save the chit chat for the chair, supporting their neck VERY well (use an extra towel if needed to provide extra comfort), and most importantly creating a unique head massage.

I will say sometimes clients want to talk at the bowl. I encourage you to not do this. It can be disruptive for another client next to you who wants some much needed quiet time. If this happens, I recommend saying the following in a low voice, "I would love to continue our conversation, but at this time I really would love to provide a relaxing experience. We can pick up our conversation back in the chair." Something along those lines. Soft, but lead her/him to know it's ok to relax and we will chat again at the chair.

I also recommend researching head massaging techniques and create a really nice flow sequence. Teach this to EVERYONE so just in case the salon is slamming, and you need someone to hop in for shampoo, the client will not receive an entirely different experience than what they are used to. CONSISTENCY is key here!

Some extras to consider to elevate their experience: light a candle or esential oil diffuser to heighten the sense of smell, put some oil on a hot towel and put on their heads for a few minutes, provide a scented paraffin wax prior to sitting in the shampoo chair, offer a nice hand massage while a deep conditioner is on and/or removing a paraffin wax. Clients LOVE extras, so get creative and think outside of the box on this one!

The last thing, ASK FOR FEEDBACK!! That's right! After the client's service has been completed, ask for their feedback on their shampoo experience. Good and bad feedback will ALWAYS help your business and the services you provide. I do not recommend asking this while you are cuttign/blowdrying; this should be asked after everything is completed.

Thank you for reading along and comment below on what you either do in your salon for a shampoo experience or comment below on what you need to change to elevate the experience.

With Love.

Nicole and Lizz

The #BranchBossBabes