How to do a Beachy Wave on Your Own !

How To Wave Your Hair At Home:

“ I’m sitting in front of my mirror with my curling iron, trying to wave my hair and it’s getting all wrong! Why can I not style my hair like they do at the salon. I am putting effort into styling and its just not getting right, what in the heck! Someone help me please! “

We get you, we feel you, we are here to HELP you! Here are the 1, 2, 3s of waving your hair at home!

  1. Grab your favorite curling iron and set it to your preferred heat #. Fine hair: 250 Medium 350 Coarse 400

  2. Prep your hair with a product that will give you hair hold such as a medium hold hairspray from Davines North America

  3. Split your hair into two sections down the middle back of your head.

  4. Start on one side and curl going away from the face

  5. Pinch your hair flat

  6. Insert iron

  7. Wind iron around, heating all of your hair

  8. Pull iron out slowly and straight off of ends

  9. Hold curl taught to relax

  10. Repeat on the other side

  11. Spray again, rake fingers through your hair + ooo la la you look like you just got out of the salon !

Catch the video BELOW for a step by step tutorial or email us and set up your group virtual styling session with us!

Happy at home styling, we hope this helps you —- If you want more info, watch this video and let us know how it worked for you!


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