Remove your Natural Beaded Row Extensions - Because of Quarantine

How to Remove Your NBR or Beaded Extensions at Home (( Because of Quarantine ))

I wanted to make this blog post really really clear!

As we stepped into the “stay at home” order back on March 17th 2020, we knew we were going to have to find solutions for our clients who were coming up on wearing their extensions for more than 8+ weeks.

We would never suggest you remove your extensions on your own or at home but desperate times call for desperate measures! Just know that we have spent thousands of dollars and so much more time training on these methods and would only recommend this and teach this at a time where we can not do this for you.

You may be thinking... BUT WHY !

Why do I need to take them out and can’t I just keep them in ? We know this is not ideal but there are VERY, very strong reasons why wearing them past 8+ weeks for some people is actually a danger to your own hair and scalp.

Most women get extensions because they already have thin hair, so pushing these boundaries is not a good idea for those of you that is the case for! These particular extensions have a lot of hair per row and are placed onto the head in many small sections. Over time as your extensions grow out your hair has a natural shedding that happens. This means that the hair that was all there holding the extensions in place is now even less than before. This is why at about 6-10 weeks you need to come in for a “move-up” or maintenance.

If the hair gets too heavy for what is holding it, you could have the extensions pulling out your natural hair from the scalp. Of course we avoid this by suggesting when you need your move ups based on the thickness of your hair and strength of the follicles at the scalp.


There is a special way we as certified stylists remove hair extensions, this is only for an emergency situation and to prevent damage to your hair while you are still wearing extensions.

Catch our YouTube Video Here

on how to remove your NBR Extensions at home, please note it is important at this time to contact a stylist who is certified in the method and make sure you are using the correct tools! We can help you do this safely. If you are in need of taking your extensions out, reach out to us via email with the subject: Help me remove my extensions to grab your remover pliers and set up a 10 minute video call to help you remove your extensions or take advantage of other solutions we have for you!

We hope this helps and we can’t wait to see all of you so soon and give you your amazing hair back!


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