The Post-Partum Hair Struggles

Hey Mommas,

Can we just start by saying...we feel YOU. We have been there and gone through it. As owners of a hair salon with babies of our own, we both have had our own struggles with postpartum hair loss and the effects of having your hormones go crazy before and after babies.

What is happening ?

Breakage, Clumps of hair falling out in the shower, thinning, changed texture, crazy new growth that turns into accidental bangs… You name it we have experienced it all.

When you are pregnant your body is holding onto all of these good vitamins and typically women will experience their har getting thicker and fuller and shinier than ever before. As your estrogen levels go up, the “growth stage” of your hair is increased in length.

As you learn to love this new MANE, we are warning you - don’t get too attached. It may eventually fall out and go back to normal. Now this doesn’t happen to everyone but it does happen to a lot of women.

After you have your baby your hormones balance out and estrogen levels decrease, this may trigger hair loss. It will send the hair that’s been in the growth phase into the resting phase and then you will experience fall out. Keep in mind you will have more hair now than you did previously and the hair that was supposed to shed will now start to follow suite as normal.

The good news - not all women experience this. Fingers-crossed that you are one of them!

What can you do?

It depends and is different for all women, it could take 3 months, 6 months, maybe even a year to go back to normal. The good news is it should go back to normal! In the meantime, here are some of our suggestions:

1. Get temporary extensions ( You're in the right place!) - Our hand-tied hair extensions help so many women from feeling great throughout their pregnancy into post-partum hair loss stages

2. Use a shampoo and conditioner regularly that promotes regrowth to speed up the process: We recommend shampoo and conditioner from Evolve Hair Products. You can purchase them from us by going to our shop section on our website!

(We have used these and have actually seen a lot of success stories from these products as well as our own experiences.

3. Use products that will keep your hair feeling and looking thicker:

This option is simple. When styling choose a thickening or volumizing mouse as well as a root lifter. These products are meant to be dried into the hair so make sure you’re using them on a day you are blowing out your hair!

4. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture:

You want to be using products that keep your hair moisturized so a leave-in conditioner like Davines Oi All in one Milk and an oil like Davines Oi Oil. (You can find these products here LINK)

5. Temporarily change your part!

This will help if you feel like you’re hair is looking like its receding. It will give the appearance of fuller thicker hair if you change from a deep side part to a middle part!

6. Cut your hair short :

If all else fails, we suggest cutting your hair shorter to take off all the dead ends / split ends and asking your stylist for a “blunt cut” so that your style will look fuller !

The most important part ? Knowing that you are not alone and this happens to many women and there is an end in sight ! We can only hope sharing some of these solutions helps you in your hair journey !

**If hairloss does not stop or seems excessive, consult your doctor to make sure there isn’t any other underlying cause.**

Thanks for reading mamas!


Your #branchbabe Lizz