Lizz graduated from Metro Beauty Academy and explored all career aspects before settling into hair as her number one passion. It isn't the craft that inspires her but the people who she is able to connect with and help through what we do at Branch Salon. 

 Lizz's thirst for knowledge  has caused her to pour herself into her work and will always drive her to want to better herself in every way possible behind the chair as a leader, and a person. She trained vigorously through Nicole Lynne Hair's training program and won a prestigious scholarship to study at Vidal Sassoon Academy in Canada. She will never stop attempting to perfect her craft, believes there is always room for improvement, but will strive to make your hair everything it can be and more! 


She first discovered her passion for hair extensions when she did her first tape-in client who was over the moon about her hair. When she found NBR Extensions, she knew it was something she needed to bring to her clients. When Lizz told Nicole about NBR Extensions they knew it was meant to be and came back with a plan to create Branch Salon and what it is today! 


Her eye for detail and her natural talent is what makes her stand apart. Lizz has a sweet, girl next door, bubbly personality. Lizz's client's love talking with her while they process. She is simply a joy to be around. Lizz enjoys living her life to the fullest and is continuously working on herself to be the best version she can be. She is wildly in love with her boyfriend Jordan and their two twin baby girls Grace and Parker and their dog Chloe, who are the reason she does everything she does for her Business!

For bookings with Lizz, text 484-515-6420

Nicole attended Carsten Institute NYC graduating in 2005. She has worked in the best of the best salons in the city learning the skills of extensions and thermal reconditioning. Nicole has had amazing opportunities throughout her career such as working backstage at NYC Fashion Week for several seasons, being published in numerous magazines and online publications. She was an Educator for Product Club for 8 years traveling around the country teaching other salon professionals on trend color/balayage techniques until she decided it was time to solely focus on growing her family.


Nicole's deep love of education is what keeps her in the game of being a business owner. Her skills in marketing and creativity is what drives Branch to set itself apart from the competition in the Valley. She commits herself to daily marketing and studying color techniques as well as daily extension practice to richen her craft of Color Design and NBR™ Hair Extensions as a Level 3 Certified Artist.

Nicole is an extremely driven person who is still humble in her career. She stays hungry to keep opportunities alive and everything she does is for Branch and their exceptional growing team. She enjoys spending quality time with her toddler son, Benson. Her other passions include yoga, working out, hiking, SUP, and spending time with her girlfriends.

For bookings with Nicole, text 484-619-5951 


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