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5 Ways You Can Become MORE Successful by continued Extension Education!

We all know in order to become successful in the beauty industry, it is required for one to par take some type of continued education to learn upcoming hair trends, new techniques, and/or fine tune what you already know.

But, after offering extensions in my career of 18 years, and exclusively offering extensions at my salon the past 5 years, there is a DESPERATE need for continued education for extensions.

Most attend a 2 day class, become certified, and then "fake it until you make it" kind of deal. That may work for you when you are charging a minimal value price point, but when you are charging $2000+ for this service, you better come PACKED with knowledge, skills, and be able to deliver your client the results she is looking to achieve.

Why attending Branch Academy of Extensions can make you more money!

  1. Not only are investing in your career, but you are leveling your skills to fine tune them to charge MORE!

  2. You may have the ability to stop limited beliefs of yourself that you are not worthy of making 6+ figures by offering extensions exclusively. This sensitive, but critical topic is deeply discussed so you have a new found mindset on how to make money, what do with is, and how to manage it.

  3. By taking my class, you will be taught how to MAX OUT your time, so you do not have gaps in your book, perform services more efficiently, and have the ability to attend to more clients without the "burn out".

  4. Branch Academy of Extensions demonstrates a work/life balance, while implementing growth tactics/strategies, and allows you to fully connect with your greatest self to have a massive impact on achieving your goals.

  5. An extension method is extremely important to learn, but what else is critical in the end result is the BLEND! The seamless blend of color that integrates into each other, the blended cut that allows flow and movement, all while offering a 3-4 hour service.

If you are READY to attend or know someone who is, you can LEARN MORE by heading back to the home page and selecting "Branch Academy of Extensions" for class details, investment, and dates.




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